No paper tax form this year – call us to Efile your return

No paper tax form this year – call us to Efile your return

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The paperless revolution is accelerating, leaving Canadians without internet access at ever-greater risk of missing important announcements, failing to meet deadlines and incurring financial penalties.

The Canada Revenue Agency is determined to promote electronic tax filing, it has decided to stop mailing income tax returns to most of the population.

There was no formal announcement. Instead, the federal tax collection bureau sent letters to the 10 million Canadians who used paper returns last year, directing them to choose one of three alternatives:

Go to the post office and pick up a traditional tax package.

Download a tax return and the accompanying schedules from the revenue agency’s website.

If neither is possible, phone a toll-free number (1-800-959-2221) and request a mailed-out tax package. (Filing by phone is not an option. The government cancelled Telefile last summer.)

Call us to prepare your tax return throughout the Greater Toronto Area. While you relax, we can efile your return so you get your refund in two weeks. Do not wait, call us today: 1-866-571-4105

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