T2 Tax Returns for Corporation and Accounting

T2 Tax Returns for Corporation and Accounting

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We are experts in preparation and Efiling Corporation T2 tax returns. We serve many small companies filing their taxes and GST/HST returns. Our reasonable fee and timely completion of the work gives our clients satisfaction. We offer excellent yearly package to companies providing bookkeeping, GST/HST filing and tax filing services for a set fee. Many clients use our QuickBooks knowledge to help them setup up and run their business accounting for a reasonable fee. Personal tax return preparation and filing is also our field of expertise. Whether you have a simple tax return to prepare or a very complecated one with Capital Gains, Securities Trading, Rental Income or Self Employed Business Income – we do it all with care and ease. Many times, people have left their several years’ tax returns not filed. We help them file their past years’ tax returns promptly and bring them up to date with Canada Revenue Agency. If you are too busy running your business and have not filed your GST/HST returns and the Company Tax Returns, we can help you sort your papers, do your accounting and file your Company Tax Returns within a reasonable time period. We have completed many such projects to the satisfaction of our clients. Some of our clients want to do their bookkeeping themselves and if they can use an Excel sheet, we provide them our own Excel sheet formatted nicely to help our clients enter their Income and Expenses and produce Quarterly and Yearly summaries. Then the provide us the completed Excel sheet to file the Company Tax Return at the year end. All this makes us a team of experts in accounting and taxes with the flexibility that today’s business owners need. Contact us for all your accounting and tax filing work soon. We can help you run your business smoothly.

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